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For starters

For those who don’t know how we started up, here is the story. As most who come in will know, we have a hall at the back of the shop, where we have yoga, martial arts, fitness, circus skills, dance and other events. One of the events we had was an indoor market. This took place back in the pre Matter days. it was suggested that I could do a stall too.  Not something I’d ever considered, I quickly concluded that an organic fruit and veg stall was the thing.  After the markets finished there was some stock left over, and it seemed the right thing to do to open the shop on the next day to sell the remainder of the produce. Of course hardly anyone knew Eastons 1st Organic fruit and veg shop had been born,(not even me)  but even so there were customers and they were supporting it!  Some people around me were advising me it wasn’t worth the effort and perhaps I should put my prices up,  but upon thinking about it, I decided to do the opposite and make it more affordable. needless to say people started coming from far and wide to shop with us.  within a few weeks I had reports coming in from customers who had heard of us, and  from a Taichi teacher in Clifton that he had overheard 3 separate conversations discussing this new organic fruit and veg shop in Easton!  with momentum growing and stock moving we could now afford to expand, so we hired local artists/tradesmen to build display shelves and counters from off cuts and scraps of materials destined for land fill. This really inspired us and pushed even harder to make things good. People saw how many hours I was putting in and started to volunteer to help out. since then the Matter family has grown into a great global community resource, with people sharing and learning, how different foods are beneficial for different aspects of health, amongst many other subjects like gardening, environmental issues, community development.  The shop isn’t just a shop its a movement towards helping people facilitate a healthy more nourishing way to spend our time on Earth. 

this is Matter (and my) first ever blog. Please feedback if you read it, if it was interesting,  or even what a blog is supposed to be like. 

Peace and Love Jon Luke x